Thursday, July 14, 2011


Certain events and hence people get etched in your memory. Out of which one-thirds are an inseparable part of your life, one-thirds you've known personally, while the rest are those whom you've never met.

I'm going to talk about one such person whom I had seen from a distance once, had seen in photographs and accidentally had a two minute phone conversation with. Few weeks passed and he left us all to live amongst the stars. After that, all I heard was stories about him and his good deeds, from his near and dear ones. That's the effect great men are suppose to have on us. They remain amidst us forever in their own special way and they're always watching out for us. I felt this strange connection with him, even though I barely knew him. Even felt unfortunate that I never got a chance to meet him. I had a lot of faith in him. Some things you don't have an explanation for, for me this was one of them. By now I know you're starting to think I'm insane, but it's about belief - take it or leave it, just like one's belief in the existence of God.

Today I've lost touch with that family, and don't get to hear about him anymore. But somewhere along the line he left an impression on my mind, on my heart. And on this special day, I want to pay respect to him in my own little way; even if it means merely remembering whatever little I know about him. I also earnestly pray to God to give his family all the strength they need! I wish them well.


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