Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another tassel in the hat!

Somethings that did stick through the quarters of the MBA:
- Debits and Credits
- Incentives change behavior
- Positive NPV projects
- Statistical significance
- Sunk Costs
- 4Ps and 3Cs
- Leadership
- Bottlenecks, Kanban and Kaizen Bursts
- Decision Trees
- Value Prop
- Corporate Responsibility
- GDP and volatility
- Conjoint and bundles
- Listen to your customer
- What's your BATNA?
- It Depends...
- Segregate gains, aggregate losses
- Be Lean and Agile!
- Less is More.

Oh wait, did I mention the awesome people, life-changing experiences and the endless fun?! That stuck more than anything else :-)

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