Sunday, March 16, 2008

That we left behind

With the new we forget the old. The intertwined we are within the novelties, they just mesmerize us, consume us. The value, the worth of the ancient has tarnished. They say 'Time is the best healer', albeit sometimes the important fades with time too. We more-or-less retrospect in woe, dismay and panic. Busy enjoying the niceties of the present we are so cut-off from the world, it's only when the road seems rough we look back. That's when we resort to our past, approach our old friends, inculcate some old hobbies, visit historical places, try to get hold of everything we left behind at some point. It's not advisable to whine over the past, but it sure is not worthwhile to side-track the vital. We can't move forward without letting go our past failures. However, we need to remember and keep learning from our past blunders. It's that striking balance we still need to master. We must imbibe the past into the present, to lead a better tomorrow.

With the new we forget the old.
So little did we know that, old is gold.

Na Jaane Kyun ...

Na Jaane Kyun, Hota Hai Yeh Zindagi Ke Saath
Achaanak Yeh Mann, Kisike Jaane Ke Baad
Kare Phir Uski Yaad Chhoti Chhoti Si Baat
Na Jaane Kyun ...

Jo Anjaan Pal, Dhal Gaye Kal, Aaj Woh
Rang Badal Badal, Mann Ko Machal Machal
Rahen Hai Chal, Na Jaane Kyun Woh Anjaan Pal
Saje Bhi Na Mere, Naino Mein
Toote Re Hai Re Sapno Ke Mahal
Na Jaane Kyun ...

Wohi Hai Dagar, Wohi Hai Safar
Hai Nahin Saath Mere Magar Ab Mera Humsafar
Idhar Udhar Dhoonde Nazar Wohi Hai Dagar
Kahan Gayi Shaamein, Madhbhari
Woh Mere, Mere Woh Din Gaye Kidhar
Na Jaane Kyun ...

~ Lata Mangeshkar (Chhoti Si Baat) ~