Thursday, June 07, 2012

Three Cups of Tea

I've been wanting to write about this book for a while now, just haven't had a chance. But a will finds a way, and noone personifies it like Greg Mortenson does. 
'Three Cups of Tea' is a story of one man's promise and its extraordinary outcome. It is a story about a failed attempt to climb K2, but a commitment to climb the inner mountain. It's incredible how Mortenson turns stones into schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, overcoming all hurdles, the most astonishing part being he gets the girls to go to school even in the forbidden terrain. What he accomplished with pure tenacity and determination makes me think we've done (and given) so little! The sacrifices that he and his family made are staggering. Its bewildering what difference just one person can make... it's a must read!
The part that was most heart-warming was when the little girls came to Mortenson and thanked him; told him that they wanted to become doctors, teachers, even a superlady. And said - Education was like water, important for everything in life. It was the only way to bring peace to the world.
I'll leave you with a quote from the book that resonated with me - "A smile should be more than a memory" ~ Greg Mortenson